ALD is used in a wide range of industries. Read below to find out more.

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Optical Coatings

Superior performance on plano optics and curved substrates. Competitive on cost & throughput.


Analytical systems


Aerospace & Defense


Barrier Films

ALD’s high density and pinhole-free characteristics provide near-perfect barriers for vapor and chemical barriers, with highly competitive speed and cost.

OLED displays

Semiconductor equipment components

Medical tools & devices

Electronics Assemblies

Chalcogenide & Organic Photovoltaics

Environmentally Sensitive Glasses & Polymers



Our advanced capabilities unlock ALD applications that were previously off-limits due to cost & speed.

Flexible electronics

Power & battery components

Hybrid & multi-chip module electronics

Semiconductor Packaging Panel Processing

Power & Analog Semiconductors

Energy Storage

Lotus brings over 30 years of expertise in ALD.

We've successfully collaborated with Fortune 500 companies in photovoltaics, display technology, and optical applications for emerging applications of industrial ALD technology.

 We've also collaborated extensively with world-wide leaders in flexible barrier coatings and packaging applications, as well as semiconductor and electronics companies.

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