Sheet-to-Sheet Processing Platform

Our sheet-to-sheet platform employs our PlasmaShieldTM technology along with linear substrate movement to deposit one to five ALD cycles with each pass of the substrate, with up to 5 cycles per second for large area sheet processing.

Simple Precursor Isolation

The PlasmaShieldTM sources are autonomously isolated, preventing CVD interaction event with multi-millimeter spacing between the plasma array and the substrate, while the precursor vapor occupies the rest of the reaction space.

Low Particle Generation

We use magnetics to couple the substrate carrier inside the chamber to the linear drive system outside the chamber, assuring there is no particle generation source above the plane of the substrate surface.

High Thruput

Our substrate motion scheme allows rapid acceleration and deceleration, providing up to one full pass per second.

Efficient Precursor Utilization

Because the precursor flow is not directed and isolated, the residence time is substantially increased, providing conformality without massive overdosing.

High speed ALD on large area sheets, up to multi-meter scale

Elegant, uncomplicated coating head

Clean and simple process

Large area ALD at angstroms per second.

Our approach to large area sheet processing enables a straightforward way to provide precursor/reaction separation on large areas at high speed.  This plasma technology readily scales to multi-meter lengths without compromising speed or uniformity.  For barrier films, we can coat an OLED-quality vapor barrier on display-sized sheets in about one minute.

Vortex Batch ALD


High-volume production batch using rotating discs or cylinders to transport substrates.

Roll to Roll ALD


Continuous coating creation for large-area substrate films and foils.

Rapid Thermal ALD


High-speed processing utilizing ultrafast lasers for precise patterns.



Ultra-precise deposition zones with PlasmaShield technology.

Sheet-to-Sheet Processing Platform


PlasmaShieldTM technology with linear substrate movement for large area processing.

In-Line Roll to Roll Platform


A flexible Roll-to-Roll platform for moderate speed PEALD with straightforward web handling.

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