In-Line Roll to Roll Platform

As with our sheet-to-sheet platform, we leverage the many advantages of our PlasmaShieldTM technology to facilitate a flexible Roll-to-Roll platform for moderate speed PEALD with straightforward web handling.

Minimal Web Manipulation

This platform provides a straight in-line path for ALD processing, greatly simplifying web handling, and facilitating processing of very wide, thin substrate material.

Higher Speed than Competing Technologies

While not as fast as our TransFlexTM Roll to Roll technology, this platform offers significantly higher speed and film quality compared to competing ALD systems, while offering the flexibility of varied coating thickness without system reconfiguration.

Simple Precursor Isolation

The PlasmaShieldTM sources are autonomously isolated, preventing CVD interaction event with multi-millimeter spacing between the plasma array and the substrate, while the precursor vapor occupies the rest of the reaction space.

Superior Ultra-Barriers

When coupled with our patented mixed oxide barrier materials, environmentally robust ultra-barrier coatings may be applied at web speeds up to 5-10 meters per minute.

Elegantly simple platform with great flexibility and good speed

Readily scales to thin substrates with multi-meter roll widths

Compact processing chamber with minimal substrate manipulation

Highly versatile roll to roll ALD platform.

Our in-line R2R platform enables PEALD on delicate and wide area rolls of substrate material, using an oscillating PlasmaShieldTM head above the rolling substrate material. Flexibility in web handling and increased mechanical tolerances are greatly improved compared to competing R2R ALD systems.

Vortex Batch ALD


High-volume production batch using rotating discs or cylinders to transport substrates.

Roll to Roll ALD


Continuous coating creation for large-area substrate films and foils.

Rapid Thermal ALD


High-speed processing utilizing ultrafast lasers for precise patterns.



Ultra-precise deposition zones with PlasmaShield technology.

Sheet-to-Sheet Processing Platform


PlasmaShieldTM technology with linear substrate movement for large area processing.

In-Line Roll to Roll Platform


A flexible Roll-to-Roll platform for moderate speed PEALD with straightforward web handling.

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