Our PlasmaShieldTM technology creates a highly localized plasma source with a closely coupled radical deactivation shroud surrounding the electrode, which allows the source to be suspended in a chamber surrounded by precursor while maintaining “separation”.

Highly Localized

The compact size of the source allows it to be deployed for multiple ALD cycles per pass when integrated into the Vortex, Sheet to Sheet, or In-Line Roll to Roll platforms.

Efficient Radical Deactivation

The geometry and materials employed in the PlasmaShieldTM source facilitate radical recombination in a surprisingly short path, allowing close spacing between sources in a “head” configuration.

Simplification of Head Design

Because only a one-way purge for each source is required, a common volume containing the precursor vapor may be utilized for all plasma sources in the system.

Multiple Sources with Single Power Supply

Our robust DC plasma technology enables the use of a single magnetron sputtering power supply to drive an array of up to 50 PlasmaShieldTM sources.

Closely-spaced ALD cycles with a highly localized plasma source.

ALD cycle multiplier for batch coating

Facilitates high speed roll to roll processing with a linear web configuration

Enables high speed low temperature large area sheet-to-sheet processing

The compact nature of our plasma allows more “closely spaced” ALD cycles.

This means that we can increase the number of ALD cycles per revolution on our Vortex batch technology, or we can integrate these sources into a coating “head”, where each PlasmaShield source can be closely spaced apart, with the gaps between these sources providing the precursor exposure.  This head can then be employed in a linear Roll to Roll coating system, or in a sheet-to-sheet large area coating system.

Vortex Batch ALD


High-volume production batch using rotating discs or cylinders to transport substrates.

Roll to Roll ALD


Continuous coating creation for large-area substrate films and foils.

Rapid Thermal ALD


High-speed processing utilizing ultrafast lasers for precise patterns.



Ultra-precise deposition zones with PlasmaShield technology.

Sheet-to-Sheet Processing Platform


PlasmaShieldTM technology with linear substrate movement for large area processing.

In-Line Roll to Roll Platform


A flexible Roll-to-Roll platform for moderate speed PEALD with straightforward web handling.

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